Being almost whole

The last 9 months changed my world, saw the end of awesome (so it seemed) frienships and shifted the very foundation of my being and trust in people. The best and the worst of times, no income, hospitalisation and the WHY WHY shouting in my head day and night. Things do not happen for a reason, shit happens and how you adapt and grow and survive is what makes it bad or good. The result of politics and boardroom games, I have always been too honest for games but a few times the victim because I refuse to believe people are bad. Lesson learned, some people are just that, bad.

The whole process forced me to take stock, deal with traumas I have been carrying and living for years and start living again. I cried, I screamed, I wrote and made peace with my childhood and later traumas. I am all that but I am also me, aware, feeling, living and being who I am.

My three biggest joys in this time, the boys living through months of no income without complaining and always being there for me and each other, amazing people and ART!

Currently in lock down because of Covid 19, my time is spend appreciating the small things, creating and spending quality time with the boys.

So thankful for this experience and everybody that believed in me and stood by me because they know what I am about.

“Eyes are the windows to the Soul”

Window to the Soul

How many times have we heard and used this expression?  We say this without stopping to look or feel the words. Over-used, under-appreciated like the word love.

I recently had the privilege of spending 8 weeks in a mental hospital, as a patient.  I did not feel privileged upon admission, I was a broken, ready to through myself out with the trash, splintered vase, that with time and love and knowing became whole and beautiful again.  But, I digress, this is a story for another day and time.

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Life in the not so slow lane…



It has certainly been a while, life seems to get in the way of many things as earth is spinning faster and faster around her axle.  Business has become the new buzz and go to word and we seem to all get trapped in the cycle, work, survive, create, laugh, eat, play, sleep and the week is gone.

A new hobby, more of a way to de-stress and balance my daily life with numbers and papers, has provided unforeseen opportunities for, not only personal growth and learning new abilities that have been hidden for many, many years,  but a way to extend a hand and form a circle of like minded souls.  I started playing around with clay, moulding and shaping miniature houses, flowers, and this all as a result of starting to fill my space with fairy gardens.  Well, the clay has remained, adding wood, pebbles, driftwood, feathers and basically anything that catches my eye.


I am so grateful for the blessings received through this new hobby and the unexpected opportunities brought as gifts along the way.

May we all find our little thing that sets our souls on fire, balances the books and energies and still let us carry on with our crazy busy day and life and being.


Fairy blessings to all….





Rest your weary soul…


This year came along with challenges beyond what we expected from a new year… I hear the same refrain from people from all walks of life.  Challenges both emotionally and spiritually, seems to be the theme for 2018. Shaking our foundations and leaving us gasping for breath and balance whilst trying to just make it through another day.

I took a few days from life in general and found peace, quiet, energy and synergy nestled in a small town called McGregor at the Temenos Retreat.  Settling into my cottage, trying to adjust my hurry time to Temenos time, I wandered through the garden, sitting quietly next to bubbling waters, listening to the bird life and just breathing and breathing to still my mind and let go and be at peace.


My first visitors came soon after to welcome me and check whether I was settled in and maybe had something to share.

Loved the callling of the peacocks throughout the day…watching mom and her little ones scratching around and the males doing what males do, strutting their stuff and showing off in splendid colours.

Temenos is built around a garden…a garden like no other garden, small pleasures and hidden treasures and beloved faces surprising you around every bend and corner.  Wandering through the flowers and scrubs and trees and deities you sense a symmetry, a inner road leading to your soul and heart, forcing you to breath and be.

Walking the labyrinth….listening to the peacocks and birds…visiting all the little shrines and sanctuaries…learning to be still and open and just being flooded with the loving, peaceful and healing energy that is Temenos leads to discovering the basic truth of life…we are soul, we are love, we are energy and we do not need to get caught up in the dramas and hype of living the means of surviving.  Just be, see the bigger picture and remember to not get attached to the small stuff.


Learn to love the journey and forget about the racing through life and experiences.  Take time to laugh, breath and be.  Take time to be present and take time to be kind to yourself. Venture into unknown worlds, both spiritually and physically. Wake up and smell the flowers, the wind and listen to the birds.  Be patient, be loving and be kind.

Be brave, step out of your comfort zone and discover your inner voice and calm again.

If you want your dream to grow, day by day go slowly

Small beginnings, greater ends, heartfelt work is holy’

Go on, be brave, take a break from hectic life, find your own Temenos and breath again and remember that we came here to learn, to love, to laugh, to share and to be kind.  Find your roots and values again and most of all, find your mind opening up to the multitude of miracles surrounding us everywhere.


 Go on, be that brave soul, spend time alone and discover a whole new inner world…

Sense of Touch – A Review

Sense of Touch – Rozsa Gaston

Sense of Touch Cover

Enter the bewitching and bewildering world of High Court in the 1490’s.  A world where duty comes before your heart, your desires and your future.  A world where the wrong look and following your desires can cost you your future.

Nicole serves in the court of Anne of Brittany, Queen of France.  The Court is a sheltered world that revolves around the Queen and King, the intrigues of the ladies in waiting and discovering womanhood and love.  Nicole meets Philippe de Bois and their love for horses and healing pulls them closer and closer together.  Duty separates them until a chance presents itself to prove that love and duty can be the same person.

An exquisite read with characters that are as real as the feelings, pain and laughter that they share.







Heaven is a place….


I love coffee shops…the background humming of interaction and communication….the smell of great coffee and the interwoven sound of soothing music.

A little gem is The Daily Coffee Café in Vredenburg.  An oasis  of unique flavours, smells, tastes and smiles sitting in the middle of the local mall.

Try one of their coffees, or tea if so inclined, they are delicious.  For me, the favourite part of the eclectic menu is the “Egg Benedict”.  An absolute delight and only surpassed by the Egg Benedict prepared by a friend.

The perfect spot to fill your soul and senses.  Notebook on the side, writing little snippets that spring to mind, sipping your coffee, returning a warm smile, savouring the taste of your food, letting the murmur of words and conversation flow like water over the pebbles of your mind, soothing and relaxing.  Leaving will all your senses invigorated.


The Daily