Life in the not so slow lane…



It has certainly been a while, life seems to get in the way of many things as earth is spinning faster and faster around her axle.  Business has become the new buzz and go to word and we seem to all get trapped in the cycle, work, survive, create, laugh, eat, play, sleep and the week is gone.

A new hobby, more of a way to de-stress and balance my daily life with numbers and papers, has provided unforeseen opportunities for, not only personal growth and learning new abilities that have been hidden for many, many years,  but a way to extend a hand and form a circle of like minded souls.  I started playing around with clay, moulding and shaping miniature houses, flowers, and this all as a result of starting to fill my space with fairy gardens.  Well, the clay has remained, adding wood, pebbles, driftwood, feathers and basically anything that catches my eye.


I am so grateful for the blessings received through this new hobby and the unexpected opportunities brought as gifts along the way.

May we all find our little thing that sets our souls on fire, balances the books and energies and still let us carry on with our crazy busy day and life and being.


Fairy blessings to all….






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