That mysterious creature – 2017

Beautiful poem by John Duffy posted in Niume…

We have seen each other whispering in the morning air of Yesteryears calendars.

The silent glaze of the New Year.

I’ve seen you there in the Darkness and Light.

The sea’s whisper of your coming name.

The slow crash of Time beats relentlessly against the sandy shores of Life.

Every grain of sand echoes your name.

The scent of an invisible sea hangs in the air reminding me of you.

Caressing me like a gentle breeze caught in Times perpetual grasp.

I see you grow old with the ticks of the ethereal clocks through the eyes of my mind, I feel you age within the sights of my out worldly gaze… You are anniversary sighs of midnight.

The wand, a symphony of a new year of fireworks, played by the many, outside my windows, daylights welcome.

Your many sounds speak in explosive verses, sounds of new beginnings and layed to sleep thoughts.

I berate the heavens for newer adventures – newer happier horizons.

I bow at the thought of your in-coming presence.

It’s enough to shatter me into pieces of beauty, pieces of Hope.

Within these moments, I welcome you, 2017.

Bring me joy, happiness and peace – but still bless me with vitality.

For vitality is all I crave.

The strength to carry on.

The strength to conquer also 2017.

God bless 2017.

Source: That mysterious creature – 2017


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