To be consumed by…to be taken over by…to be totally transfixed with…you choose. The word OBSESSION leaves different tastes in different mouths. To many people the word connects to not having a strong enough will to overcome the OBSESSION with or being driven to irrational acts and thoughts because of an OBSESSION. With the year drawing to a close the media bombards us with “the best of 2016” or “the worst of 2016” and especially “what will be trending in 2017”. The best of 2016 covers reality stars who spend millions on three golden toilets (really necessary), young pop stars whose contempt for “society” is taken out on the supporters while spending 3 million on a bottle of bubbly (how much contempt do you have for society?). The amount of money involved in the unreality of our entertainment reality is mind blowing but does not seem to bother a lot of people.  Money has become our religion and with money our OBSESSION with what to wear, how to style, how to cut our hair, what nail color to wear, movies to watch, books to read and keeping on top of the do’s and don’ts and moves of our OBSESSIONS to be sure we are in.  In the what? In the money? In the right circle? In the right neighborhood? In the right clothes? In the right school? In the right car?  Some obscure person or persons somewhere decided what is fashionable, what is acceptable and what is right and we are all follow along like sheep to only end up looking and behaving like a flock of sheep.Our OBSESSION with following the trends is only slightly overshadowed by our obsession with ourselves…selfies of our boobs, selfies of our new phone, selfies of our tan, selfies of us going to bed, selfies of us having a drink, selfies of us strutting on the beach….the list of scenarios are as legion as the people taking selfies. Read an interesting article on our obsession with selfies and it makes a lot of sense.  If you end up as one of the sheep in the flock the need to be observed, seen, acknowledged, seen as the individual that you are hiding under all the acceptable right stuff, the only way to do this is to promote yourself, hence selfies which in turn feeds the need to be the acceptable thin, the acceptable golden tanned, the acceptable blond wearing the acceptable clothes and colors as decided by……by whom exactly?I get the feeling that all the “telling us how to live” has left us so empty and afraid that we willingly sway to what is given as acceptable. We have no will of our own anymore and I’m reminded of rock stars like Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, The Doors etc warning us of the mind numbing control of the media. We are 40 years down the line and we can see the effect of the control, especially in countries like America where the media plays both the “honest” and the “control” parts leaving you with a feeling of having made a choice. Simple truth is that the choices were limited down and given, narrowing your world but leaving a feel good sensation of “I made this choice based on solid information”.Fortunately the number of individuals is growing, although slowly and shyly as if it is a sin to not be in the right or acceptable space, place or clothes. The anti-establishment gangs have always been around but what we have now is a growing number of true individuals who think their own thoughts, question every bit of information given, discussing non-acceptable stuff with gusto and emotion….a growing sense of a wave picking up wind and force, gathering strength and height, riding the tides deep in the ocean, waiting for the pull of the truth to bring the wave crashing in on the shore.We are all created as individuals, to feel our own thoughts, live our own lessons and be our own person. My wish for 2017 is that we will turn down the sound of the voice telling us who to be and what to be and turn up the volume on our soul station….growing into our true selves, respecting not only who we are, but where we are. The loss of connection with our selves has also meant the loss of our connection to nature and the Universe. Maybe with the realization of our individuality that connection will click back into place so that we can still save what we are killing while OBSESSING with what is out there that we should be.Rock on 2017….http://spiritegg.com/selfies-to-narcissism-addiction-mental-illness/

Source: Obsessions…


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