A blues version of a crazy beautiful country…

Been following Doc Maclean’s amazing tour through South Africa.  His honesty and instinct for music and people are just awesome. The best explanation of a beautiful, crazy South Africa posted by a non-South African.  He totally gets our world….Africa has opened it’s heart to me, and invited me in. So many new friends, new stories, new ideas. So much emotion. Over the last six weeks I’ve driven fourteen thousand km of African roads to play over forty shows. Ocean to ocean. And beyond. Delta blues on an old National guitar. Who would of thought this musical journey would take me here? Tonight I’m smelling the rain falling on the Karoo; hearing it’s welcome drumming- it’s roar- on the tin roof. We need this water. It is life: carefully gathered in small pots and basins, in larger swimming pools, but mainly sucked up by the thirsty soil. Like blood, it’s not something to be spilled down a sink.All manner of things are to be found on, or near these highways. To describe them is to describe South Africa: it’s wisdom, it’s madness, it’s triumph and despair, it’s sheer determination of spirit. Baboons. Burning luggage. Neon lights. Walkers. Dancers. Vendors. Fences. Cops and robbers. Kids in their school uniforms. Goats, sheep, cattle, pigs. Potholes. First and Third world uneasily sharing the same pathways, the same lands, the same skies, and I think the same dreams. It’s all close to the bone. It’s passion. It’s the breath of life, like this rain on the roof. Here, we all breathe deeply.http://zuluskies.blogspot.com/

Source: A blues version of a crazy beautiful country…


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