Love’s Transformation – A Review

Love’s Transformation tells the story of Batu, her parents and her loves, of a women learning to accept being different, questioning the status quo and breaking the bonds of tradition turned into person power.


The story takes us through the trails, pressure and situations created by Batu’s arrogance and beauty, defiant nature and her ever abiding and loving parents in a time when tradition and women and men’s roles were clearly put down by the laws of their elders and tradition.  These roles ensured not only the survival of a people after the end of times but gave them known lines within which to operate and feel safe.  Batu’s questioning of traditional roles and implications, especially for women, leaves the tribe exposed and vulnerable to change, the very thing that their traditional leader is intent on keeping.

She is allowed access to learning and teachings normally reserved for boys, she chooses her own husband, falls in love and loses in love because of her pride in being different and being right.  Facing the age old tradition of single, barren women being expelled and cast out, she spends her last season with the tribe learning the history, realizing the implications of her arrogance and that love does not only transform and responds to what is seen but especially to what is felt.

Love’s transformation is a book dedicated to growth, pushing the limits and accepting the results of your actions and decisions.  It not only tells the simple tail of a women breaking with tradition, it especially gives power to her fellow tribe members and in the  end brings truth and harmony to a divided changing people.

A lovely read that left me feeling empowered, strong and proud to be a women of choice.


Emil’s lifelong profession was in the field of Information Technology as a computer programmer and analyst.  

In 1977, Emil became a Silva Mind Control instructor. He founded and facilitated a meditation class, which was ongoing for over a decade. He facilitated various esoteric classes for over twenty years and also spearheaded and had been a part of several spiritual support and study groups. He formed a spiritual support group, which existed for two decades.

Late in the 1980’s, Emil was inspired to write his first novel, Batu: The Transformation, and it was published in 2002.

In 1999, Emil made a spiritual pilgrimage to India, with several friends and was initiated by his guru, Mother Bandana. Filled with spiritual fervor, he and two of the ladies from the pilgrimage founded the Sacred Waters Spiritual Center located in Mishawaka, Indiana. He was the center’s director, programs facilitator and live-in caretaker for a number of years. The center continues to flourish and provides an atmosphere where people can share their particular skills and acquire philosophical and spiritual knowledge regardless of their belief system.

Since 2000, he has recorded his thoughts and emotions through poetry. In 2003, the poem, Imprisioned, was published in a compilation of poems called The Colors of Life. In 2005, another of his poems, End My Yearning, was published in a compilation of poems entitled, Labours of Love.

 The five book Love Series, which includes Love’s Transformation, mirrors the deep cultural and religious prejudices against women in many countries that subject them to inhumane, if not life-threatening, treatment. Despite large-scale awareness spurred by social media and globalization, these biases still exist in our midst—and Batu and Kaathi’s stories shows us what they look like. Far from being preachy, Batu and Kaathi’s stories are written as is, subtly bringing to fore this “invisible” oppressive world into our mindset preoccupied with consumerism and material want. The Love Series of books elicit our empathy, not sympathy, that reading tomorrow’s news about a mother, wife, or daughter subjected to cultural or religious oppression suddenly has a face: that of Batu and Kaathi’s. The other Love Series books are: Love’s Sacrifice, Love’s Wisdom, Love’s Ancients & Love’s Courage






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