To hype or not to hype….

I’ve been following the Niume Facebook threads and must admit that I was tickled by some of the comments, concerns and main gripes of some bloggers lately. Yes, I know we blog, write, photograph, observe, digest, think and all those other tantalizing soul food things to feed the fire in our souls but we still need to eat as well and that translates into being compensated for sharing our souls with the world out there.I love Niume, I love the quality of most of the posts, the originality, the no-fear and no-holding back sharing of words and feelings. I just feel that getting paid or not should not be the main motivation, the purpose of sharing with the community should be that fire that burn in your soul to share with other like-minded individuals that which keeps you awake at night and smiling through the sunshine. Niume started out, as far as I can recall, as a blogging platform, and we were all super impressed, blogging and commenting and enjoying great new friends. Somewhere along the line a dashboard appeared and the next minute the main comments and questions were not about content anymore but hypes, likes, shares and off course money, money, money.Don’t get me wrong, I am truly happy for everybody that is earning and getting paid on Niume, it is just that the whole concept has changed the feeling of the site for me. It is very confusing as well when I look at the posts that generate a lot of hype or likes, differences in totals on dashboards compared to hypes and likes on posts and the comments and concerns that goes with all the technicalities that keeps a site running.Apparently a number of posts that received very high hypes and likes and shares appear to have been plagiarism, not the nice share of information with reference to the original artists, but posting of blogs as own material that were just copies of other blogs. The problem should not be that admin must has the responsibility to run around and make sure everything is original or correct; the ethics of users should be such that there would be no need to have watch dogs, asking bloggers to keep a watch out and report etc, leaving admin to do what admin does and bloggers doing what bloggers do. The comeback of one such “blogger” was that “we” have no idea how hard it is to survive and that his posts, and the payments that came with it, kept his children alive. I do not appreciate being emotionally manipulated with the use of children to try and justify dishonesty. If you had the time to look for posts to copy, then you had the time to write something original, maybe something hard hitting about the situation you are in, trying to survive, the challenges of raising kids when it is economically almost impossible?I might be old fashioned and sometimes a technological dinosaur but I’ve encountered some truly amazing poetry, photography, art, stories, and interesting little tidbits about people and places on Niume. There is such amazing talent but sadly most of these very talented bloggers are not the ones with lots of hypes and likes and shares. Blows my mind but there it is. The question would be then, what does make a popular post on Niume? What kind of post will generate a lot of hype, shares and potential income? The posts of bloggers with lots of online friends maybe?

Source: To hype or not to hype….


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