The World Is Changing, and It’s All Coming To A (Zero) Point

There are strange things happening in the world today. The weather is drastically different, pretty much everywhere in the world. In some places in Europe, it’s snowing for the first time in years. In other places, seasons are arriving either late or early.If you are a person who is always aware of his/her surroundings, you might also have noticed that time is beginning to cease to be relevant. Now, this seems like a vague statement, so let me try to explain. . .I’m one of those people who likes to learn about history, about the advancement of our civilisation, and the quest for our higher selves. By that I mean, to reach a state of heightened sentience; i.e merging your mind with your soul.Wow, sounds like a tall order, doesn’t it?Yes, but it might very well be a possibility. If you read up on old civilisations they speak of fantastical events and of things that we as humans would never think to be even remotely possible.The Mayan calendar pointed to something happening in 2012. The calendar ended on 21 December 2012, and before 2012, many people took it as a prophecy of the end of the world. Needless to say, the end of the world did not occur, for here we are, four years later.The world did not end, yes, but things started to change from that date. As mentioned, the weather changed dramatically. It’s been snowing in places where it’s never ever snowed before. On a personal level, you might have noticed that life started to get really weird too. Life might have gotten really hard, to to the point where you feel like you’re fighting against the Universe.Fantastical events began to occur, and now, they’re becoming a staple of our day to day news. Natural disasters are happening more frequently, and in places where they have never ever happened before. Not that we know of, nor have ever seen. In science, there’s a concept called the Zero Point. This is a theory that the Earth, at a certain stage, will begin slowing down its rotation and will actually stop turning. Remember when people use to say, ‘when the world stops turning’ as an analogy for the world ending? Well, banish that thought, open up your mind, and hear me out.There are a few possible outcomes of this ‘Zero Point’ phenomenon. These are not written in stone (or maybe they are, somewhere) but look at them as possibilities.Firstly, it could mean the impending or approaching ‘end of the world’. Not a nice outlook, but hey, it’s possible isn’t it? There are indeed signs, but my personal opinion is, it’s not that.Secondly, it could be we might reach this Zero Point. It might be soon. It might be in a decade, or even longer. But we might get there. After we get there, the Earth might, and this is a theory, starting turning in the opposite direction. The poles (North and South) may reverse. This offers a very plausible explanation for why the polar caps are melting. . .Lastly, we could look at it as the Universe will reach a ‘balanced’ state. In this balanced state, we as humans, as sentient beings, may find it easier to tap into our higher selves.This, in my opinion, is already a reality. Ever find you’re having a bad day, and it just gets progressively worse, to the point where it feels like there’s other forces at work? For an example; you woke up and something went wrong and that kind of ruined your mojo for the whole day. As the day went on, more bad things happened and your mojo suffered even more. That may have had something to do with your mind; your mind manifesting things into the Universe.Ever had a sarcastic notion that you expressed, out of sheer frustration? It’s raining, and you say to someone, “It would be so funny if it flooded now, wouldn’t it?” It’s said ironically, and obviously you don’t really want it to flood, but guess what? It floods shortly afterwards.Okay, that was a bad analogy, and please know that I don’t want it to flood anywhere either; I do tend to exaggerate sometimes. But, I’m sure somewhere, someone can relate to a similar experience, maybe not on such a grand scale. You said something in intended utmost irony and the very thing you mentioned occurred, as if the Universe took you up literally. Needless to say, such occurrences have happened with me. Yes, not on the same grand scale as flooding; that happened to someone I know. But they’ve happened to me, and this particular train of thought, this blog post that I’m writing, therefore resonates with me, big time.Some of us are always on a quest for spiritual enlightenment. If you’re one of those people, you might have noticed the vibrations in the Universe are all jumbled up. Meditation might seem more productive to some, like they actually have veritable ‘super powers’.For you, you spiritual conquistadors, I say, “Carry on with your quest, for you are close to meeting up with your higher self”. The Universe is becoming malleable, it has become very sensitive, whether positive or negative, to human psychic energies. Specifically, the human will has

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