Black Friday Madness…


The aptly named and utter madness of another Black Friday is once again with us.  The whole idea and especially peoples’ reactions leave me speechless and in a bit of despair about the state of mankind to be honest.  The pull of consumerism at its worst and the short lived euphoria of being able to “afford” something normally considered to expensive is only there until the next credit card bill arrives.

What gets me is that normally peaceful and intelligent people turn into wild creatures, fighting over items,  pushing other shoppers out of the way, storming doors and forgetting about every single decent behaviour normally prevalent in society and all this to buy something.  There is something very wrong with this.  Are we so desperate to buy that we lose our basic human decency to get what we think we need at all costs?

The sad part about the whole Black Friday situation is that we have been so duped into accepting “normal” prices as value for money and fair that when something comes along promising items normally priced out of our range, we go mad because we have to have it because we can “afford” it all of a sudden.  The fact that business are not losing on the items sold on Black Friday and other sales is lost in the fight to have and have and have.

The reality of business is that items marked down as much as 75% are still sold at a profit, albeit a smaller profit that normally, but still at a profit.  This would mean that the “normal” selling price is not fair but with the media and advertisements we come to believe that these “normal” prices are value for money and fair.  The only person smiling here is the businessman, you know the guy with the we-do-everything-to-keep-our-prices-low-for-our-customers smile, the same guy who owns multiple houses, cars, a boat or two and he can afford all of this after buying in new stock, paying his workers, taking care of taxes and all the other expenses.  This to me just confirms that what we consider normal, everyday prices of goods are actually exorbitant prices and the prices we see on Black Friday and Sale Day is closer to the real value of goods.

Happy shopping and hope everybody survives another Black Friday.




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