The Spell Breaker – A Review


Spell Breaker tells the story of Alex, half human half magic, who finds herself the only person capable of rescuing an assortment of humans, elves, kings and princes from a stranded island off the grid of time.  The characters are an interesting mix of old, new, unknown and known peoples.  The story takes us into the land of the elves where greed and danger challenges everything Alex has learned and learn along the way.  The quest to rush the humans back to known earth tears Alex in half…does she follow her human calling or does she stay in the land of magic, going through the cycles of rising and decay eternally.

I loved the story but found the writing a bit stilted at places and the jumping between worlds and happenings can be quite confusing.  Even with this said, Spell Breaker is a delightful read and draws you into the story racing to the end to see what will happen.  The well-developed characters, whimsical traits of the elves and other magical eternal creatures will leave you giggling and gasping.  The contrast between the magical peoples and the very human natures of the peoples trying to survive in new and old worlds are great.  All in all a story well worth reading.  I would be looking forward to the next book in the Chronicles of Eledon series.


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