Having been diagnosed as suffering from depression most of my adult life, and I assume my young life as well, squeezed through the roller coaster of head-spinners, medication, “it is all in the mind”, hospitalisation and cotton wool treatment from family and colleagues, I’ve come to some conclusions about depression:

  • “Depression” is a made-up label by a society who loves labelling anything contrary to mainstream supposed and envisioned behaviour;
  • Labelling a person as a depressed individual takes away value from what that person think, feel and question.  This is probably the easiest way to handle uncomfortable questions for truth in a bland and bling-bling society;
  • Feeding “depression” with mind altering medication results in feelings, passions and energy being lulled into “all is ok” mode.  This is worse than death to a lot of people, especially older souls, while younger souls prefer this lulled state of not feeling to the anguish of pain, feelings and frustration and the effects of rejection of your individual value in sleep induced society;
  • Old souls are particularly prone to the “symptoms” of depression as they struggle to find ways to connect, validate and make sense of a very soulless environment.  Labels like eccentric, weird, different, crazy are thrown around which make living in an awakened feeling state even more challenging.
  • The feeling of being so tired all the time because of the constant draining of your energy from a world filled with people who have no idea how to generate their own energy.  It is only through feeling, being true and the energy of passion and pain that energy is created..

Why is it that a lot of artists, thinkers, writers, photographers, travellers and free spirits are bundled into the depression symptom corner?  What is the worst that can happen with questions asked, stories told, photographs shown, events told, the layers of bullshit peeled back, the exposure of truths and thinking outside the lines of fed mainstream accepted normal and acceptable?


Situations differ and there are different ways of coping. There are situations that actually require healing and medication because of traumatic life experienced.  The label of depression added onto the event or events that created the pain devalues the person effected even more.  The idea of not being normal, not being able to cope, not being strong enough to get through this, causes even more damage to an already hurting soul than the actual event self.  It is Ok to cry, it is ok to hide under your blanket for days, it is ok to be angry, to be upset, to shout out how you feel.  You are human and being human means you are suppose to feel and deal with that in any way and however long it takes your soul to heal.

This is my personal experience and what worked for me was throwing out the medication, cutting loose from the label and embracing the passions for truth, joy, beauty, sadness and pain.  Dealing with bullshit by actually getting upset and reacting.  Gone are the days of “everything is ok” because everything is not ok but I AM OK.  I am handling my life, feeling my feelings and experiencing the joys and pain that is NORMAL and natural! I welcome my blanket days when I do not feel like I have the energy to cope with the outside world, I welcome the days when I have my warrior suit on and tackle a thousand little issues that is unfair and I welcome the days that I can sit and have coffee and chat to my friends and just be.  Allowing myself to value my thoughts, questions and feelings, validating my reason for being me and embracing the challenges of being alive in world where individuality and honesty is not valued.

Welcome back my soul.




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