A Space Between Worlds: J.D.Woodson


A Space Between Worlds promises to be for the new generation what Atlas Shrugged was to an older generation. Not the story line as such, but the stretching, pulling and expanding of the readers knowingness, pushing the reader to the limit of former comfortable believing and being. Brilliant use of words, layering so many images, feelings, non-feelings and expectancy intricately crafted into each word flowing into intricately crafted sentences creating a world both familiar and new. What is real, made-up, previously experienced, waiting in the side-line, imagined or dreamed? Which is your world?

“How ignorant can you be? No matter the light, we all hide. We hide ourselves from the people we love, from strangers, from ourselves. How do you expect to show yourself to the world when you cannot show yourself to yourself? A mirror cannot lie. You sat in front of the mirror and denied the reflection you saw before you.”

Shanti with her masks, sadness and emptiness believing that the eternal sun would make her visible. Her world interwoven with Reno and Chandra. Reno with the gift of the language of flowers, but the taste of decay and death in his mouth and Chandra, the keeper apart and together of people and worlds, dancing pixie-like between lines, worlds and lives. So many questions, so many worlds and the most fundamental and promising to provide the answer to all questions of questions: “What is your first memory?”.

A Space Between Worlds will take you on a journey never experienced before and leave you with you questions answered and a million more blossoming with the blink of every new star born. Not an easy read but surely to become a favourite of those souls brave enough to take a dip and wade through the words, emotions and worlds created by J.D. Woodson.

“What has been forgotten will never be lost. The answers to the future lay in the sands of the past.”

A Space Between Worlds is a brilliant tale on all levels.


About A Space Between Worlds Vol.1: Conception:

Songstress Shanti’s final performance is no different than any other. Gazing into the mirror, the Songstress laments her faceless curse. To hide her unsightliness, she dons a beautiful mask. She knows she doesn’t belong in the darkness. Her desire is to live in a world of eternal light, to be seen for who she truly is.

An enigmatic man who calls himself Avidia beckons Shanti, claiming to know how to conceive the world of light sleeping inside of her, and escape her current world of darkness, Cauraaha. Avidia poses the question that will be the key to her desire, as well as an unresolved pain:

“What is your first memory?”

Reno, a gentle florist, has his own stigma, a translucent coil of thorns wrapped around his arm, draining him of life at the utterance of the word “Promise”. Hidden away in his heart is the knowledge of a past he doesn’t wish to face, one that connects to Shanti, Avidia, and her curse.

A dual narrative of introspection and self-discovery, A Space Between Worlds eloquently questions the truths of life and death, timeless bonds, and regret through lyrical imagination, philosophy, surrealism, and a journey through the unconscious mind.







J.D. Woodson was born Chicago, Illinois in 1992. He grew up in Palos Park, a quiet suburb southwest of Chicago. During his early years, J.D. gained a fondness towards poetry and continued to writing it through primary school and high school, winning small awards for his work. He would attend Columbia College Chicago with intent to major in poetry, however he shifted his focus and major to Fiction Writing due to his love for storytelling. After his sophomore year, he would take a leave of absence to study outside of the workshop method he was taught and gained experience as a ghostwriter which his projects spanned from fiction to non-fiction. To read more about J.D., you can visit him on his website.


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