Travel, friendship and so much more…


About a week since we’ve come back from the USA NMA ISKA Mixed Martial Arts World Championship in Orlando and I’m still trying to feel my way back to reality. Trying to put into words what this experience meant, not only on a sportsmanship level for my son, but more importantly, on a personal level for me, is proving to be a bit of a struggle. With words being the way I normally level up or level down with this world this is quite an experience in itself.

Tristan Orlando 4

Being a seasoned traveler and explorer of new worlds, this trip back down “memory lane” to the good old USA, proofed to be an absolute amazing, awesome, jaw dropping, 10 days of being on a high, laughter filled, fun filled and lots and lots of amazing conversation moments kind of trip. Not only did I meet interesting, stretching the limits new kind of peoples whom turned into amazing friends, I also had the opportunity to get to know known peoples and acquaintances as simply awesome good peoples.

Orlando 2

My son had the experience of his life and competing in this world championships made a dream a reality for him. With 50 countries competing and strong competitors in every division, he had to really dig deep and draw on all the extra time and training and did very well with a proud second place and two third places. Awesome and so very, very proud.

A big thank you to everybody who helped to make Tristan’s Dream a reality and a big thank you to all the amazing special people that made this a trip that will linger and live with me for a long, long time absolutely awesome.  From the awesome rides at Universal Adventure Island, especially Harry Potter, to the pool side visits and daiquiris  made by Juan our competent barkeeper, riding the Lynx and I-trolley, Walmart and Pizzas and, off course,  Frappuccino’s deluxe, this will be a trip to be matched forever after.  Thank you Orlando and thank you amazing peoples.

Tristan Orlando 1




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