Dreaming with our children…

It’s been a while and the while has been hectic….December is always crazy and January went in the blink of an eye…new school year, new year…run, run, run….

My 12 year old son does light contact kickboxing and qualified for the 3rd year in a row to participate in the NMA ISKA Mixed Martial Arts World Championships to be held in Orlando, Florida during July of this year.  This is such a mundane sentence to type and in no way even starts to convey the absolute amazingness of this feat.  We are busy with various fund raising projects as we decided this is the year that are we are going to live his dream…

I was brought to a halt in this process recently when a friend questioned my motive for going all out to try and get Tristan to compete in the World Championships.  We are not “rich” in material things and this is a daunting prospect for us but we have met amazing people, friends and strangers, who are all part of his dream and willing to help in any way to make this possible.

The unsaid implications hit me with such a force that I had to stop and quiet my mind and try and get my gut to respond to this.  I ended up quite bewildered as I can not imagine not going all out for your child when he has worked hard every day for a long time, has performed top of his game consistently for a number of years and have been selected for the SA Team twice before.  How can you not try and make his dream come true when he is doing everything in his power to live his dream?

Does the fact that we can not “afford” this dream mean that we should just not dream at all or is the implication that this is best left to the people who can pay their way through life without having to worry about the financial implications.  Being a very “not material and money orientated” kind of family I have never stopped to think about things like who does get the chances to fulfill their dreams in this world, are there still a place for normal everyday middle class people’s children to rise and shine or are we to be forever judged when we do decide to dream outside our comfort zone and move into the money leagues?

The whole episode left me with a feeling of sadness that is threatening to smother this dream.  I’ve been judged plenty of times on my views and choices and how I iive my live and on my ability to be a parent.  These judgement did not hurt as much as this as I know who I am, why I do what I do and what is important in my life.  I know that I am the best parent I could be at any given time given the circumstances, as all parents do but this judgement on making a dream a reality really rocked my boat.

The great thing about this whole journey is that there are amazing people who are sharing this dream, trying to make it a reality with us and for us….good old-fashioned normal middle class people who still believe that anything is possible and we all deserve to taste a dream…

I’m just going to do what I always do…breath through the hurt and keep on doing what needs to be done…for me and my son.  I’m not doing this to be able to say that my son has competed in the USA….I’m doing this to give him a chance to compete in the USA…to be where his heart is pulling him…to do what makes his blood bubble and dance…

Orlando here we come and judgements be damned….




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