A review: Knights of the Square Table

A plane crash on an unknown, cold and snowy island.   A resourceful team of young chess players on their way back home after a tournament in Germany.  Mix in a variety of personalities as the passengers and this makes for an entertaining and engaging read for youngsters.  The pace is quick and lively and the ability of the young chess players to source food, heat and get the stranded passengers to work together and not complain is at times both hilarious and sad.  Dealing with different personalities and finding your strong and weak points makes for gripping reading.  The story leaves one feeling uplifted by the energy and spirit of these young chess players who manage to succeed in a world very far removed from their normal chess playing comfort zone and homes.

I received free copy in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. Knights of the Square Table#JGBSReviewLibrary hashtag


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