…days like these…

…is this a song…have this little recognition inside my head when I murmur the words…

Jip, today, and the previous few days, is and have been….days like these…sad without knowing why…wondering without direction through old forgotten pathways in my mind…bumping into scenes, words and emotions buried under the rush of living…

A longing for unknown unremembered days and nights nagging through my throat just to lose its way before reaching the sun and air…it is almost like the rhythm of a half remembered song…limbs liquid and almost moving before the rhythm disappears through the rush of the daycropped-dwarskersbos.jpg….

Savouring and tasting and wondering and wandering….days like these to be taken as little gems of remembrance planted on our busy path to slow down, take a deep breath, remember, smile and carry on…

…days like these…


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