….the way it rolls….

Time seems to be flying past, leaving us reeling, hardly breathing, trying to just stay on top of the day. It seems like ties and commitments are being left behind at stations that we hurtle past on this runaway train of life and time…

I’ve always felt myself drawn to small, uncomplicated areas and lately I find myself longing for even smaller than my hometown of Veldrif…not sure I would find something smaller…we don’t even boast a traffic light…just the way we like it. Visions of living an uncomplicated life, sustaining family and friends on what you put into the ground and barter with neighbours. Kids growing up free spirits and close to source and nature….so much more nurturing that the current technologically overdrive state that we find ourselves in. Sounds romantic but the practicalities of our perceived needs keep us chained to chasing through each day, battling to crawl to the end of the day and the end of the month just to start the whole process afresh.

There seems to be a worldwide shift away from everything we have been fed for years, the status quo of governments and corporations are being questioned, the way we run business, earn our living, raise our kids and our expectations and dreams in general. A growing number of people are moving “off the grid” to try and connect to nature and a simpler more natural way of life and it is sad that this seems to be the only way to escape the traps of modern life. We, as humans, can not function without nature and being true to our truly human nature and beliefs. The more technology advanced we are getting, the further we move away from nature and the more we find that people are getting lost, not just lost but lost and drifting. Look at the crime rates, the types of crimes committed, not only by grown ups but especially kids…we have to realise that the way we have been doing things are not working and we need to try and fix this before we have a whole new generation of lost future leaders and workers.

On a more personal front, this race against time seems to suck the energy and life out of every day, we are dragging through life and that can hardly be called life. We miss out on family outings, keeping in touch with old and new friends and family always assuming that there will be time when we have time…not realising the irony of our lives. We need to make an effort every day to catch up with family and friends, just a quick hallo can make the world of difference and takes hardly any time.

Call the kids, your friends, your Mom, your grandchildren today….


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