….life with boys…

…life really can be quite strange sometimes…I grew up not liking guns, physical sports, fighting, jostling and shoving and all those other amazing traits that I find is as natural to being a boy as is swimming to a fish…

Two girls, all grown up and doing their thing and I thought life is full of new experiences….been there, done that…now it is time for me, me, me and me! LOL

Well, entered the boys, grandsons and my own little unplanned after thought and my whole world is turned on its side, back and hanging, swinging from chandeliers…I fell hopelessly and totally in love with the boys and yes, did start out on a whole new adventure…not quite what I had in mind for my “mature” years, but boy-oh-boy, what a ride and what an absolute adventure this is..

I had to make my peace with guns and sticks and swords and yelling and jostling and shoving and being Zorro or some character that I can’t even pronounce, snakes and spiders and mud and heights…and off course the sports, my eldest grandson and my son being super sporty.   I had to get my head around from just watching rugby to watching my grandson playing rugby and getting shoved and tackled and all those nice things..my son doing his kickboxing thing…bleeding noses and all…

Well, I have journeyed from the Grandma to the Grandma who runs along the side of the rugby field taking care to capture every action shot, shouting and shooting, I am a master swordsman…Zorro style…I can still outrun quite a few of the grandkids, make bigger splashes in the ocean…yell louder than they can and generally giggle and whisper about all things boys with them….play a mean x-box game, tackle, sing, make up words and discuss tools and their uses and know enough about kickboxing to be able to jab, cross, roundhouse and all the rest with my son…

What a ride and what an amazing privilege to be a part of their lives and them accepting me as part of their lives…enjoying every stage of every age with them and looking forward to many, many more adventures with my boys….

Fram kids dsc_0727 dsc_0350 dsc_0990 IMG00515-20130704-1142 (2)dsc_0036


2 thoughts on “….life with boys…

  1. oh boy and did they enter! (read – crashed through every comfort zone, ‘piece of mind’ and entire heart, soul and being, you ever thought you had and even some you didn’t know existed!) But absolutely worth every life-changing breath!

    Life’s a ride, right? Boys are there to ensure your ride is decked-out to the extreme 🙂

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    • What would our lives be without boys…quiet moments reading…time for all those little women thingies like painting your nails, putting on masks…Oh no, can’t, have boys around and they are ready to ride…LOL!!


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