…life in the slow lane…

Sitting curled up, trying to catch some of the wintery sun to remember summer and reading an amazing article by a friend on time and children and winter.  Sad but true is the fact that our choice of living minimizes the amount of time we have to spend with loved ones.  We rush through to the morning to get to the job…rush through the day to get to the evening chores and then collapse exhausted into our chairs, idling in front of out TV to eventually stumble off to bed to start it all over again.  We call this life…whereas it more resembles living mindlessly I think.  Somewhere in the middle of all this our children floats about, hanging on to words, gestures and seconds directed towards them.  I agree that winter is the perfect time to spend more quality time with our families, the shorter days and cold weather mean we are indoors a few hours more every day.  It would be the perfect time to spend extra time over weekends cooking extra meals for the week, switching off the TV during the evenings and getting to know our partners and kids again.

Combined 3

This is a challenge then to all the parents out there….get out of the routine, be brave, switch off the TV and bring out those dusty board games…spend time talking, smiling, sharing old memories, laughing, eating and drinking….cuddled up against the cold…warming hearts and making new memories…


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