….motherhood at 50 odd…

Recently read a number of articles about being a mom over 40…more and more women are opting for life first and children later…a concept that has it’s pro’s and cons. I had my two daughters when I was quite young…the plus of this is that they were and are like my friends more than my children.  Then I had my son at 41….what an eye opening experience….a time when I thought I was done with school terms, holiday restrictions, having to pack a lunch box every morning….time for me to be and explore…we’ll exploring I sure went…through a brand new pair of enquisitive eyes.

The ride has its ups and downs….”beautiful grandson” from strangers to “is he your son” from parents at school”…well whom elses do you think he is then?  LOL!!  The body groans and moans with getting up from the floor….back complains from bending over…all forgotten in the water fights getting splashed and giggling…having ice cream on the beach and making sand angels to mark our spot…priceless.

I have grandchildren about the same age as my son which does make for some interesting dynamics when I have them all together….the confusion on peoples faces at me being called Mom and Granny is hilarious and we tend to play on this…boys will be boys and Granny’s will be Granny’s.

All in all an experience that I would not have wanted to miss for anything in the world…different, exhausting, fun, teeth-grinding roller-coaster ride that just lights up the 50’s…



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