….rites of passage…

A busy day with a bunch of rowdy 11 year old boys enjoying a birthday party made me think about their futures, not only the next year of two but especially what kind of men they will turn into.  With so many of the traditional rites of passage traditions fading away what other way do we have of preparing our young boys to be ready for the world as young men?

The traditional rites test boys’ inner strength, develop self-confidence, depending on your inner strength and intuition to make decisions and act with respect towards elders, peers and friends…

I see a generation, or two or three, of lost boys, drifting through one life cycle into the next with no guidance, no clear indications glued to an unreal world of gaming and TV.  Maybe we should think of incorporating some sort of rites for our boys to mark the cycle from child to young man, young man to man etc.

…..life consists of cycles and are we not intricately woven into this life….we’ve lost our contact with the cycles and find ourselves drifting….



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