….Weeping Waters…by Karin Brynard…an absolute must read…

Weeping Waters

A review by Estelle Haward

Weeping Waters is the honest, no-nonsense story of ordinary people and their small world shattered by stock theft, farm murders and the ripples these events causes. Set in the heart of the Kalahari, Weeping Waters is filled with the intricacies of living in Post-Apartheid South Africa, a microscopic cosmopolitan of far-right politics, politically correct appointments and ordinary people trying to survive. The heat of this inaccessible world burns through the pages. A world where nothing is as it seems at first glance. Weeping Waters peels back through the layers of pre-conceived beliefs, politics, ghosts and human nature at a delicate pace laying bare the souls of people being chased by their own ghosts, every one telling and running from a story of their own. The reader is torn by the beliefs, anger, fear and disillusionment of a town and its people struggling to come to terms with, not only the murders of Freddie and Klara, but especially the reaction to the murders and ongoing stock theft. The central characters, Dam, the enigmatic San farm manager, Beeslaar the wounded Inspector from the big City, Sara the guilt-driven sister, far-sighted Outanna and rich, connected Nelmarie and in the centre Freddie; fragile, eccentric, brutally murdered Freddie….Freddie who painted her own death scene.


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